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What Segmentation should you consider for Stewardship Calls and Why?

Stewardship calls can be highly beneficial for various donor segments, but their effectiveness often depends on the specific characteristics and preferences of each group. Here are some donor segments that may particularly benefit from stewardship calls:

  1. Major Donors:

  • Why: Major donors often make significant contributions and appreciate personalized acknowledgment. Stewardship calls allow for a direct and personal connection, expressing gratitude for their substantial support and updating them on the impact of their donations.

  1. First-Time Donors:

  • Why: First-time donors are still forming a connection with your organization. Stewardship calls provide an opportunity to express appreciation for their initial support, share more about the organization's mission, and encourage continued engagement.

  1. Regular Contributors:

  • Why: Consistent donors who contribute regularly should feel valued. Stewardship calls allow you to express ongoing gratitude, update them on the impact of their sustained support, and potentially discuss opportunities for increased involvement or upgraded giving.

  1. Lapsed Donors:

  • Why: Donors who haven't contributed in a while may need re-engagement. Stewardship calls can serve as a reactivation strategy, providing a personal touch to inquire about their absence, addressing any concerns, and showcasing recent achievements that might reignite their interest.

  1. Event Attendees:

  • Why: Donors who attend fundraising events may appreciate follow-up calls. This allows you to thank them for their attendance, gather feedback on the event, and discuss their experiences. It also presents an opportunity to transition their event support into ongoing contributions.

  1. Corporate Partners:

  • Why: Corporate donors often value direct communication. Stewardship calls enable you to strengthen the corporate relationship, express appreciation for their partnership, discuss the impact of their support, and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

  1. Members of Special Campaigns or Programs:

  • Why: Donors involved in specific campaigns or programs may have a strong interest in those areas. Stewardship calls allow you to update them on the progress of the campaign, provide exclusive insights, and reinforce the importance of their targeted contributions.

Remember, the key to successful stewardship calls is personalization. Tailor your approach based on the unique characteristics and preferences of each donor segment to ensure a meaningful and effective engagement that fosters long-term relationships.

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