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Who we are


A team of passionate expert fundraisers, here to help you reach your goals.

We’re passionate about fundraising and a job well-done. Our team is dedicated to a common goal: to help our clients make the world a better place.

Our donor-centred approach cultivates and fosters donor relationships based on respect. We live and work by the golden rule: treat your donors how we like to be treated. We manage your campaigns with close attention to the important details, so you get a higher return on investment and ultimately happy donors who will continue to support you year after year.


We deliver perfectly executed campaigns across multiple channels including digital, direct mail and phone.


Vision: A world where violence, cruelty, greed and poverty don’t exist; a society that cares for all of its members, human and animal; and a healthy environment for us all to thrive in.


Mission: Provide our family of non-profit clients throughout North America with the very best strategies, campaign design and results.

We’re Keys Marketing Group. Let’s talk about meeting your goals.

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