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What makes a Successful Stewardship Call?

A successful stewardship call should aim to achieve several objectives, including expressing gratitude, reinforcing the impact of the donor's contributions, building a personal connection, and encouraging ongoing support. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to include in a stewardship call to meet your retention goals:

1. Warm Greeting:

  • Begin the call with a warm and friendly greeting, addressing the donor by name. Create a positive and inviting tone from the start.

2. Express Genuine Gratitude:

  • Clearly articulate your appreciation for the donor's support. Be specific about how their contributions have made a difference and express the organization's gratitude for their commitment.

3. Share Impactful Stories:

  • Provide real-life examples or stories that illustrate the tangible impact of the donor's support. Paint a vivid picture of how their contributions have positively affected individuals, communities, or specific projects.

4. Updates on Projects and Achievements:

  • Share recent achievements, milestones, or progress made possible by donor support. This helps donors understand the organization's continued efforts and reinforces the idea that their contributions are actively making a difference.

5. Personalize the Message:

  • Reference any specific details about the donor's previous contributions or engagement with the organization. Personalization enhances the connection and shows that the organization values each donor individually.

6. Inquire about Donor Experience:

  • Ask about the donor's experience with the organization. Inquire about any feedback or suggestions they might have. This demonstrates a commitment to improvement and ensures the donor's voice is heard.

7. Discuss Future Engagement:

  • Share upcoming events, campaigns, or projects. Discuss potential opportunities for the donor to stay involved, whether through continued financial support, volunteering, or participating in special programs.

8. Address Concerns or Questions:

  • Provide an opportunity for the donor to express any concerns or ask questions. Addressing potential issues directly demonstrates transparency and a commitment to donor satisfaction.

9. Express Long-Term Vision:

  • Share the organization's long-term vision and goals. Help donors understand how their continued support aligns with the organization's mission and contributes to broader positive change.

10. Closing with Appreciation:

  • End the call with a sincere thank you and a positive note. Reinforce the idea that the donor's ongoing support is crucial to the organization's success and express anticipation for their continued partnership.

11. Follow-Up Actions:

  • Clearly communicate any follow-up actions, whether it's sending additional information, providing details about upcoming events, or scheduling a future interaction. This ensures continuity and reinforces the organization's commitment to the donor relationship.

By incorporating these elements into your stewardship calls, you'll create a meaningful and impactful experience for donors, fostering long-term relationships and increasing the likelihood of retention and continued support.

At Keys, we can help you build your strategy and a specialized script for each donor segment. Interested in more information? Get it touch!


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