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Green Party

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Keys 360º started working with the Green Party in 2003 after meeting in person with the Executive Director and the Party leader. This political party was a small party that did not have a lot of support, and they had big aspirations of running a full slate of candidates in every riding so that they could become more of a contender with the three major political parties. They realized they needed to get serious about fundraising.

After learning about them, their issues, and goals, Keys developed an integrated fundraising program that included a digital campaign strategy with direct mail, and telephone follows up. That first year, we raised over $1 million on a comparatively small budget. For every dollar spent, we raised $16.50. As a result, in 2004, GPC had funds to develop a much stronger and more effective election campaign. They did not win a seat,  but they experienced significant growth in votes, supporters, donors, and monthly donors.

In the 2008 election, they had chosen a new leader, and in addition to our annual integrated fundraising appeals, Keys created a digital petition signing campaign to advocate to get party leader Elizabeth May included in the televised leadership debates for the first time. With only 3500 email addresses to initiate this campaign, we obtained over 100,000 signatures, and Elizabeth was finally invited to join the debates. And in 2011, Elizabeth May became the Green Party’s first elected MP.

We continue to work with the Green Party of Canada annually. The majority of our work is to convert donors to monthly giving, maximize their giving, reactivate lapsed donors and now we are converting warm leads generated through organic petitions and Care2 petitions to monthly donors. During elections, we also provide strategy and assistance with micro-targeting, voter identification, and get out the vote calls.

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