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Amnesty International

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We have quite a long history working with Amnesty International. In the beginning, Amnesty International had a very successful DRTV program highlighting human rights atrocities around the globe that recruited thousands of new monthly donors. There came the point when response rates became too low, and the cost to acquire a monthly donor became too expensive, Amnesty canceled the program but had to find another way of sourcing new monthly supporters.

Keys 360º recognized that Amnesty had at least two types of supporters:

a) Activists: people who want to be more involved, take more action, and volunteer rather than give money;

b) Donors: people who only want to make donations and want no other involvement.

Because of this, we created an “activist stream” designed to create more opportunities for people to become more involved and increase their level of engagement with the organization. We understand that people who are more highly engaged go on to become major or planned giving donors and we want to help find as many people like that as possible.

We developed a Two-Step acquisition program where people self-identify their interests by signing petitions in support of various Amnesty campaigns and then we call these warm” leads to convert them to monthly giving.

Petitions are created and posted on various social media and through Care2 and lists. Once these petition signers receive a welcome stream communication, Keys 360º calls to invite them to join Amnesty’s monthly donor program. As this program has evolved, we have provided sophisticated testing as to the timing of the calls (how long after the signing of the petition for the call) and how many actions should they take before our call, messaging/scripting that is most effective with these supporters, where do supporters live, what are their demographics and more.

Recently we have also followed up with Amnesty’s Facebook leads through their association with Social Blue. Results have been excellent so far!

Keys 360º has been providing all of Amnesty International’s Tele-fundraising services and programs for about 15 years. Annually, we also conduct monthly conversion to their house file including second gift conversion to new donors, lapsed donor reactivation, lapsed monthly donor reactivation, and we conduct a monthly upgrade program each year as well.

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