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"I am pleased to write this letter praising the wonderful work of our long-time telemarketing partner, Keys 360° Marketing, on behalf of Amnesty International. We have worked with Keys360 for over twelve years and in that time Keys360 has recruited thousands of dedicated new monthly donors to Amnesty’s life-saving human
rights work.

The Keys360 telephone team helps to strengthen Amnesty International’s relationship with donors via a variety of calling campaigns including Lapsed Reactivation, Upgrading, Conversion, Recovery, and more. The staff is professional, customer service oriented, well-spoken, well-trained, and belief in Amnesty International’s human rights work.

I really appreciate Keys360’s dedication to customer service. The staff are a pleasure to interact with on a daily basis and are very responsive to any and all of my requests. They always have a positive attitude and are ready and willing to help in any way possible that could benefit Amnesty’s human rights work. I always feel like our campaigns are being well managed, and this is reflected well in the telemarketing results. Overall the Keys360 team is a pleasure to work with!

We are so thankful to all of the dedicated callers and team members who make such an impression on our donors that they not only make additional gifts but remember the callers’ names long after the conversation ended."


Cheryl Rooney,
Amnesty International

Amnesty International Canada.jpg

Greg Wagland,
Mustard Seed Alberta


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Key 360 Marketing for five years while employed as Manager of Annual Giving at The Mustard Seed Alberta, based in Calgary.


It was challenging at first to get a Tele-fundraising campaign approved because some of our managers did not believe our donors would want to be contacted by phone. Key 360 proved them wrong with their hard work, amazing phone conversation, and fantastic results. In fact, year over the year our revenues increased and so did our budget for the telemarketing!

Alison Keys and her team are excellent strategists and used data analytics to inform the direction of our campaigns. They have worked with us to increase our monthly donor base contacting our active and lapsed donors as well as leads generated through our social media activities. They also reactivate lapsed monthly donors with exceptional results. 

After four years it was decided that the Mustard Seed should be partnering with a call center location in Alberta. Because of their dedication to working with us Keys 360 Marketing found a solution. They adopted a work from the home model which allows them to hire staff in Alberta.

Alison and the Alberta team spent a day in Calgary touring TMS shelters and operations. They also served up afternoon coffee and snacks in our downtown location to get fully oriented into the culture of our organization.

The campaigns conducted by the Alberta team also had terrific results and their technology answered all the requirements you need in a call center environment.

I enjoyed working with Keys 360 Marketing and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent fundraising partner."

"I have had the opportunity to work with Keys Marketing Group on many fundraising projects on behalf of the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Ontario, since 2007.

Through their leadership and expertise, we have successfully built our base of financial supporters for nearly 15 years. Since becoming the fundraising lead for the provincial party in 2017, our fundraising has nearly tripled. In no small part due to Alison and Scott Keys.

For me, Keys Marketing Group is more than a telemarketing vendor. In the lead-up to the 2007 provincial election, they worked with the provincial party at a time when there was no meaningful fundraising base. Not only were they successful in jump-starting their election fundraising, but they also deferred payment until the money came in to ensure the party had a positive cash flow.

As Interim Executive Director of the federal party in 2010, I assumed the role at a time when the party was still recovering from both the 2008 recession and a sizable debt load from the general election of that same year.  Keys Marketing Group stepped up, offering to once again defer payment on their work until the party was in a better financial position. This is not just a telemarketing firm. Keys Marketing Group is a dependable partner that I can rely on as we continue to expand our presence in the Canadian political landscape federally and provincially.

I highly recommend Keys Marketing Group and encourage you to give them due consideration for your upcoming project."

Craig Cantin,
Green Party of Ontario



Beth Clarke,
Wilderness Committee


Western Canada Wilderness Committee.jpg

"After two years of talking about implementing a planned giving mail and phone campaign, the Wilderness Committee finally decided to take the leap and make the investment in our planned giving program and we are so glad that we did. We contracted Keys 360° Marketing to do the phone part of our program and the results were beyond our expectations!

Thanks to Keys for knocking it out of the park, in particular during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We imagine the amount of coaching they did for their staff must have been substantial, so we appreciate the care and investment they made to ensure our campaign was successful.

Keys was very sensitive to our needs, checking in often, and always responsive and professional. They gave us daily updates on their progress, stayed on budget, and gave us the opportunity to extend the campaign — after seeing initial results — with no sales pressure.

The feedback we’ve received was incredibly positive and a few people not only increased current gifts, but we discovered 32 gifts by will or estate that we didn’t know about before the campaign. This from a small sample of only 700 of our more than 17,000 active donors!

That indicates our wild future is secure. Thank you for helping us get that peace of mind.

In our 40th year of delivering for wildlife and wilderness, working with Keys has made us feel
safe in the knowledge that our donors are behind us to deliver for the wild for the next 40 years and beyond."