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MSF/ Doctors without Borders

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We have worked with MSF since 2002. At the time, they had had very negative experiences with other Tele-fundraising vendors in the past and really did not want to do it anymore. They believed the companies they had worked with abused their donors and the return on investment was not worth it. They finally decided to test Keys because they wanted to aggressively increase their monthly donor file and knew the phone (when done properly) is the best tool for the job. This long-standing relationship has been one of close teamwork and MSF regularly sends "ex-pats" (people eturning from fieldwork) to provide a first-hand account of their experience working in their units in the field. We have worked to keep MSF’s donors actively giving and converting to monthly giving. We have helped MSF grow its monthly donor file from 3,000 when we started to over 65,000 today.

To accomplish this amazing feat, the organization placed its focus on acquiring new monthly donors. Keys analyzed MSF’s data and created a segmentation grid based on donor giving history and tested calls to each segment to

determine the type of donors with a higher propensity to become monthly donors.

Throughout the year, we contact new donors, active donors, recently lapsed donors and deep lapsed donors. 

"What made me choose you was based on the fact that you were good, you had bilingual callers, you got results, and have a normal calling system giving time for the caller to assess the person they were about to reach.  This was very important to me in developing trust-based and long-term relationships with donors.  It was never just the numbers but the quality of the relationships you enabled us to build.  And this was reflected in me sending field workers to your office… Sending you news from the field." 

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