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For Your Interest

Welcome to Our Newest Adventure - The KEYS newsletter

"The KEY Issues is a brand new quarterly newsletter that brings you current information in the fundraising community.

Whether you work with us or have been thinking about it, this newsletter is for you. A no pressure quarterly collection of articles, tips and information that will help you better understand your supporters and how they want to give.

With a variety of contributors within Keys Marketing Group and open to outside submissions, this project is intending to cover a variety of angles to give you information for business, for your donors and for your interest. Combined with a key tip to consider and a poll to contribute to this newsletter hopes to connect and engage you with The KEY issues in fundraising today. "

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- Always have Stewardship top mind! Sure you can get decent results by asking and asking and asking but eventually your donor base will be burnt out if you forget proper stewardship.

- Lisa S

For Your Business

The Importance of Stewardship Calls for Fundraising

Stewardship calls are an important part of the fundraising process and can help organizations to build strong relationships with donors, increase engagement, identify potential major donors, improve donor retention, and enhance donor satisfaction. By taking the time to thank and update donors on the impact of their contributions, organizations can show their appreciation and build a sense of loyalty that will help to sustain their fundraising efforts over time.

For Your Business

Why Direct Mail may be more useful than you realize

Direct mail is a type of fundraising that involves sending written communication, such as letters or postcards, to potential donors. This method has been used by non-profit organizations for decades, and it remains a valuable tool for raising funds. In today's world, where digital communication dominates, the personal touch of direct mail can make a powerful impact.

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