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Legacy Options

Explore your options to see if Legacy Giving is right for your supporters


A great way to ensure you know what is coming to help you plan for the future

New Legacies

Perfect for those new to Legacy Giving, providing you with a  multi-year plan

Grow a Legacy

If you have an existing program, we can find a plan of growth that suits your needs 


"We are so thankful to all of the dedicated callers and team members who make such an impression on our donors that they not only make additional gifts but remember the callers’ names long after the conversation ended."

Case Studies


Legacy Options

Make sure your organization is getting its fair share of the trillions of dollars of wealth to be transferred over the next few years in Wills.

Liberal Party of Ontario

Case Study 

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Case Study 

A description of the case study or perhaps just the first few sentences to catch attention and get them to click in further. 

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A description of the case study or perhaps just the first few sentences to catch attention and get them to click in further. 

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Legacy Giving Services


Our experienced fundraising agents are the direct link between your supporters and you. Inbound calling allows your customers to seek information when they want it. Inbound services are a secure way of allowing callers to access a real person that can help them with their needs without interruption to your staff. This can help strengthen relationships and promotes retention. 

Inbound calling may include anything where your donors may be reaching out to you. With customer focussed and client-centered training for each campaign, our callers are prepared for whatever you may need. We renew memberships, accept donations, answer questions, or assist your supporters in any way needed. Our Inbound services include DRTV campaign support, emergency campaign response, advocacy and sales. For political and advocacy campaigns, we can live connect your caller with their MP’s office, allowing them to convey their concerns about important issues.


The nature of Inbound calling means you may not know in advance when you need a strong communication line to your audience. From natural disasters to political unrest, or just a push for membership renewal, we are able to respond to your needs as soon as you need us to. See our Case Studies or contact us to see how we could work with you. 

Business meeting

New Legacies

Reach donors where they live: on their mobile devices. Keys offers SMS and E-mail integration to your calling programs. SMS and e-mail can provide a personal connection to an audience who may not be as likely to answer phone calls. Combined with our calling programs it can provide a well rounded outreach to your donors. 


SMS and e-mail is a great way to boost contact and pledge fulfillment rates across multiple demographics. It assists in confirmations and thank yous for donor gifts by adding and personal touch.  It can also be a strong way to catch attention for sending alerts and updates. Overall, SMS and e-mail is a great way to keep donors engaged and informed.

A strong SMS campaign needs to be tailored around the needs of your outreach. Reaching people in their personal space requires a perspective that respects the lines of communication. Finding the best impact for your audience is what we do best. See our Case Studies or contact us for more information about how we can best enhance your campaign!  


Grow a Legacy

Voice Broadcast is perfect when you have news to share! We can deliver strategic messages directly to thousands of your members, donors, prospects, or constituents for pennies per message. Short pre-recorded messages delivered through the telephone raise awareness when you need it most. 


​Sending a voice message is a great way to increase your outreach and spread information to your audience. It can give a huge boost for event participation, ticket sales, and survey or mailing responses. It can be used to provide brief campaign updates, conduct simples surveys or remind members to renew. Additionally, a Voice Broadcast can provide a connection to a live agent or MP for them to easily get their questions answered. 

Voice Broadcasting allows you to quickly make an impact that helps communicate your message. Finding a way to excite your audience can really boost interest. Do you have a celebrity spokesperson or VIP? Ask them to record your message to give your supporters a thrill! 

If you want to see how we can personalize a Voice Broadcast to meet your organization's needs, check out our Case Studies  or contact us to see what we can provide for you. 

Voice Broadcast
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